2nd Edition Player's Handbook Rules Supplement

The Complete Wizard's Handbook

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Schools of Magic

To Specialize or Not to Specialize?

Ability Scores

1st-Level Bonus Spell

Personality and Background of the PC

Access to Mentors

Party Composition

Player Preference

Chance to Learn Spells

Short Adventure vs. Long Campaign

About the Schools





Greater Divination




Abandoning a School



A Word About Minor Schools

Lesser Divination

New Minor Schools

Chapter 2: Creating New Schools

The Basics of Creating Schools

Type of Magic

Priests vs. Wizards

Categories of Effects

Defining the Effects of a New School

How It All Works

Name of the School

Name of the Specialist


Basic Spells

Adapting Existing Spells

Ideas for New Spells

Checking for Duplication

Checking for Play Balance

Determining Effects and Levels

Casting Times


Allowed Races

Ability Requirements


Experience Levels and Spell Progression

Hit Points


Oppositional Schools


Chapter 3: Wizard Kits

Kits and Character Creation

Kits and Schools of Magic

DM& Choices

The Wizard Kits

A Note About Reaction Adjustments

The Kits


Amazon Sorceress


Militant Wizard



Peasant Wizard

Savage Wizard


Wu Jen

Recording Kits on the Character Sheet

Modifying the Kits

Creating New Kits

Wizard Kit Creation Sheet

Suggestions for New Kits

Chapter 4: Role-Playing

Wizard Personalities

The Altruist

The Brooder

The Commander

The Counselor

The Intimidator

The Mercenary

The Mystery Man

The Neophyte

The Obsessive

The Showman

Changing Personality Types

Ideas for New Personality Types

Character Background

Wizardly Careers






Treasure Hunter




Fortune Teller


Wizard Adventures

The Novice Wizard

The Outcast Wizard

Magic's Good Name

Assisting the Citizenry

The Scholarly Quest

Out of Retirement

Magic in the Campaign World

Worlds With Excessive Amounts of Magic

Worlds With Typical Amounts of Magic

Worlds With Low Amounts of Magic

Worlds With No Magic

Campaign Variations

The All-Wizard Campaign

The Single Wizard Kit Campaign

The Restricted School Campaign

The Restricted Level Campaign

Chapter 5: Combat and the Wizard

The Spell Arsenal

The Wizard's Advantages

Spell Categories

Defensive Spells

Offensive Spells

Reconnaissance Spells

Special Spells

A Mix of Spells

Weapon Restriction

Chapter 6: Casting Spells in Unusual Conditions

Casting Spells Underwater

Spells That Are Ineffective Underwater

Spells That Are Modified When Cast Underwater

Casting Spells in Other Planes

The Ethereal Planes

The Inner Planes

The Astral Plane

The Outer Planes

Casting Spells When the Caster is Impaired

Impaired Vision

Impaired Hearing

Impaired Speech

Impaired Movement

Impaired Concentration

Chapter 7: Advanced Procedures

Levels Above 20th

Spells Above 9th-Level

Spell Commentary

1st Level

2nd Level

3rd Level

4th Level

5th Level

7th Level

8th Level

9th Level

More About Adjudicating Illusions

Complexity/Non-Living Objects

Complexity/Living Objects

Magical Effects and Special Attacks


Revealed Illusions


The Illusion-Casting Subject

Summary of Modifiers

Spell Research

Defining A New Spell

Spell Components

Cost of Research

The Wizard's Library

Initial Preparation

Research Time and Chance of Success

Example of Research

Researching Existing Spells

Limiting the Success Chance

More About Magical Item Research

Chapter 8: New Spells

Spell Descriptions

Spell Components

Material Components

Verbal and Somatic Components

First-Level Spells

Second-Level Spells

Third-Level Spells

Fourth-Level Spells

Fifth-Level Spells

Sixth-Level Spells

Seventh-Level Spell

Eighth-Level Spells

Chapter 9: Wizardly Lists

Twenty-five Helpful Familiars

Five Unusual Sources for Spells

Nine Magical Items That Have Not Yet Been Invented

Five Debilitating Afflictions

Nine Principles of Conduct for Academy Graduates

Six Common Alchemical Processes

Eleven Useful Additions to a Wizard's Laboratory

Four Prerequisites for Admission to an Academy of Magic

Nineteen Courses in a TypicalAcademy Curriculum

Nine Organizations for Wizards

400 Fantastic Materials

Five Incredible Locations

Twelve New Magical Items


Table 1: Minimum Spells for a New School

Table 2: Suggested Maximum Damage of Spells By Level

Table 3: Random Determination of Spell Components

Table 4: Magic Schools and Types of Effects

Table 5: Ability Check Bonuses for Academicians

Table 6: Oppositional Schools for Militant Wizards

Table 7: Savage Wizard Omen Results

Table 8: Effects of Witch's Curse

Table 9: Selected Oriental Weapons for the Wu Jen

Table 10: Chance of Random Effects of Alteration Spells in Outer Planes

Table 11: Random Effects of Altered Shapes in the Outer Planes

Table 12: Wizard Experience Levels Beyond 20th

Table 13: Wizard Spell Progression Beyond 20th Level

Table 14: Summary of Possible Modifiers for Saving Throws vs. Illusions

Table 15: Library Values Necessary for Spell Research

Table 16: Chromatic Orb Effects

Table 17: Summoned Familiars

Table 18: Conjuritis Results

Table 19: Random Generation of Fantastic Materials

Table 20: Results from the Garden of Jertulth