Wishes and Ability Scores

Sooner or later player characters are going to gain wishes. Wishes are wonderful things that allow creative players to break the rules in marvelous ways. Inevitably, some player is going to use a wish to raise his character's ability scores. This is fine. Player characters should have the chance to raise their ability scores. It can't be too easy, however, or soon every character in your campaign will have several 18s.

When a wish is used to increase a score that is 15 or lower, each wish raises the ability one point. A character with a Dexterity of 15, for example, can use a wish to raise his Dexterity to 16.

If the ability score is between 16 and 20, each wish increases the ability score by only one-tenth of a point. The character must use 10 wishes to raise his Dexterity score from 16 to 17. The player can record this on his character sheet as 16.1, 16.2, etc. Fractions of a point have no effect until all 10 wishes have been made.

If a character of the warrior group has a Strength score of 18, each wish increases the percentile score by 10 percent. Thus, 11 wishes are needed to reach Strength 19.

This rule applies only to wishes and wish-like powers. Magical items (manuals, books, etc.) and the intervention of greater powers can automatically increase an ability score by one point, regardless of its current value.

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