Defining "High Level"

What constitutes a low- or high-level game is a matter of taste. Generally, DMs and players find a range of character levels that is comfortable for their style of play. Campaigns that commonly have 4th- to 8th-level characters consider those with 12th-level or more to be high level, while those with 12th-level characters set the limit closer to 18th or 20th level. While there is no set break-point for high level, character duties and responsibilities begin to change around between 9th and 12th level.

Generally, players find battling monsters and discovering treasure to be less and less satisfying as time goes on. Their characters' abilities are such that monsters need to be almost ridiculously powerful to threaten them. Treasures must be vast to make an impression. While incredible foes and huge treasures are good once in a while, the thrill quickly wears thin.

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