Player Character Alignment

It is essential that each character's alignment be noted in the DM's records for that character. Are the alignments too different? Are they different enough to break the party apart? Will this interfere with the planned adventure or campaign?

Sometimes characters of different alignments possess such radically varied world views to make cooperation impossible. For example, a strict lawful good and a chaotic neutral would find their adventuring marked by animosity and mistrust. A true chaotic neutral would make just about anyone trying to work with him crazy.

There are two approaches to an alignment problem in the group. The first is to explain the problem to the players involved. Explain why their alignments could cause problems and see if they agree or disagree. If necessary, suggest some alignment changes--but never force a player to choose a new alignment.

It is his character, after all. Wildly different characters might find ways to work together, making adventures amusing (at least) and maybe even successful in spite of the group's problems.

The second approach requires that players keep their alignments secret. Don't tell anyone that there might be a problem. Let players role-play their characters and discover the problems on their own. When problems arise, let the characters work them out themselves. This approach is best suited to experienced role-players, and even then it can play havoc with a campaign. Since secrecy implies mistrust, this method should be used with extreme caution.

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