Changing Alignment

Sooner or later, a player character will change alignment. A character might change alignment for many reasons, most of them have nothing to do with the player "failing" to play his character's role or the DM "failing" to create the right environment.

Player characters are imaginary people. But, like real people, they grow and change as their personalities develop. Sometimes circumstances conspire against the player character. Sometimes the player has a change of attitude. Sometimes the personality created for the player character just seems to pull in an unexpected direction. These are natural changes. There might be more cause for concern if no player character ever changes alignment in a campaign.

There is no rule or yardstick to determine when a character changes alignment. Alignment can change deliberately, unconsciously, or involuntarily. This is one of those things that makes the game fun. Players are free to act, and the DM decides if (and when) a change goes into effect. This calls for some real adjudication. There are several factors to consider.

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