How Many Pages in a Spell Book?

Each spell requires a number of pages equal to its level plus 0-5 (1d6-1) additional pages. The actual number of pages a spell takes differs for each wizard. Even if two or more wizards are recording the same spell, the number of pages varies, since there are differences in handwriting and notations.

Further, no spell book can have more than 100 pages, no ordinary non-magical scroll more than 25, and no traveling spell book more than 50. Thus, at best, a spell book filled with 9th-level spells could only hold 11 spells (99 pages), allowing only one blank page to hold a magical protection (such as a firetrap spell). All too likely, this spell book would be filled well before 11 spells had been entered.

For convenience in creating NPC spell books, the maximum and minimum number of spells for each level and type of spell book is given in
Table 30 . The table presumes that all the spells within a book are of the same level (which may or may not be the case, especially for traveling books).

In addition, although a spell book never can have more than its maximum at a given spell level, there is no requirement that the book be filled even to its minimum number. The ranges given on the following table presume the spell book is filled as efficiently as possible with spells, leaving little or no room for protective devices.

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