The Cost of Spell Research

Research also costs money. If the character has access to a wizard's laboratory or an appropriate place of worship, the cost of research is 100-1,000 gp per spell level. The DM can choose the actual cost or determine it randomly.

It is best to base the cost on whatever the character can just barely afford (or slightly more). As such, the cost of research may vary greatly from campaign to campaign.

Research costs are a very important incentive for player characters to go on adventures, gathering funds to support their studies. And, of course, a wizard who lacks a laboratory must come up with the cost of assembling one. Again, the cost of this should be just beyond what the player character can currently afford, perhaps 1,000 to 10,000 gp. Once the laboratory is assembled, it remains as part of the character's possessions.

Priests who lack a proper place of worship can pay a similar cost (in donations or whatever) to prepare a small household shrine. Neither the laboratory nor the shrine is particularly portable.

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