Figuring the To-Hit Number

The first step in making an attack roll is to find the number needed to hit the target. Subtract the Armor Class of the target from the attacker's THAC0. Remember that if the Armor Class is a negative number, you add it to the attacker's THAC0. The character has to roll the resulting number, or higher, on 1d20 to hit the target. Here's a simple example:

Rath has reached 7th level as a fighter. His THAC0 is 14 (found on
Table 38 ), meaning he needs to roll a 14 or better to hit a character or creature of Armor Class 0.

In combat, Rath, attacking an orc wearing chainmail armor (AC 6), needs to roll an 8 (14-6 = 8). An 8 or higher on 1d20 will hit the orc. If Rath hits, he rolls the appropriate dice (see
Table 44 in the Player's Handbook) to determine how much damage he inflicts.

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