Critical Hits (Optional Rule)

Some players feel combat should involve more than just the chance to hit and the amount of damage done. Some propose elaborate tables--critical hit tables--detailing all manner of horrible results and misfortunes.

The simplest critical hit system makes every natural 20 rolled on the attack roll count for double damage. Roll the appropriate damage dice twice for the attack (do not double the result of a single damage roll) and only count damage modifiers for Strength, magic, etc., once.

A second method is to allow characters or monsters to make an extra attack each time they roll a natural 20. The additional attack is made immediately, at the same target, and is figured just like a normal attack. As long as a natural 20 is rolled, the character or monster continues to make additional attacks. A very lucky character could roll a 20 on his first attack and then roll a 20 on his additional attack, allowing him to roll a third attack. If this attack also resulted in a 20, a fourth attack could be made, etc. This system gives characters the chance of causing extra damage without guaranteeing success.

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