Boulders as Missile Weapons

Hurled boulders are handled using the grenade-like missiles rules, even though they do not burst. Boulders tend to bounce beyond their initial point of impact and can hit several characters in a single attack. They are particularly devastating against tightly packed groups.

When attacking with a boulder, determine the target, to-hit number, and scatter (in the case of a miss) according to the rules for grenade-like missiles. The distance the boulder scatters should be doubled, however.

If the boulder scatters to the left or right, it moves roughly 45 to 60 degrees off the original line of attack. A boulder moves along this line for 3d10 feet. If the targets are in a relatively open area (a group marching through a snow field, for example), there is only a slim chance that anyone will be hit by the bounding missile.

If the boulder moves through a space occupied by a character (or monster), roll again for a hit (recalculating THAC0 as necessary), applying a -2 penalty for each 10 feet, or fraction thereof, the boulder has bounced since it hit.

If the player characters are in an area where movement is restricted--a formation of pikemen, for example, or a large party in a 10' wide corridor--no additional boulder attack is made. The boulder strikes all targets in its path.

The damage caused by a boulder as a result of scatter is less than from a direct hit. Roll the damage normally, but subtract the distance in feet the boulder has bounced to that point. This is the damage inflicted on the target.

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