Silver Weapons

When confronting a creature immune to all but silver weapons, players will learn (probably the hard way) that just any old silver weapon won't do. Ordinary weapons plated with a thin layer of silver are not effective. The weapon, or at least the blade, must be made of pure silver. Such weapons must be custom-made. In addition, silver is a poor choice of metal for a weapon and so cannot be used for every-day purposes.

To retain its cutting power and shape, a silver weapon should be used only when absolutely needed. While there are no rules to prevent its constant use (since there are too many variables for type of weapon, amount of use, etc.), be ready to surprise characters who constantly use silver weapons in place of normal ones. "Oh, dear, you hit that orc's plate mail with your silver sword and the blade bent!" or "You know, you've been using your silver-headed spear so much that the point is no longer good. It's kind of like hitting that werewolf with a clumsy club except it doesn't work as well!"

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