Scrolls and Potions

Just because a spellcaster knows a spell, he isn't automatically endowed with the knowledge to create a scroll or potion of similar function. The processes and formulae used in each are different.

A spell on a page in a wizard's spellbook is different from a spell contained on a scroll. The first requires memorization and may need components or gestures to activate. The latter needs only an utterance to be effective. A potion, ingested to be effective, is clearly a different form of the same thing.

Because of these differences, a wizard must learn more of his art before attempting to make scrolls and potions. He is assumed to have attained the appropriate degree of training by the time he reaches 9th level. Even then the knowledge of how to create such items does not just leap into his brain.

Rather, at ninth level he has the potential to create such items. He knows enough basics of the art and has learned where to look for the information he needs to make the attempt. The exact process for each spell is still a mystery to him.

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