Titles, Offices, and Positions

Alderman: A town or city official

Ale-conner: Official who tests and approves all ales and ciders

Anchorite: A religious hermit

Bailiff: A sergeant or commander of the guard

Beadle: A messenger of the law courts

Burgomaster: A town or city official

Catchpoll: A commander of the guard

Chamberlain: Overseer of a household, office or court

Common-weigher: Town official who checks merchants' weights and measures

Constable: A commander of the local guard

Councilor: A town or city official or an advisor of the court

Customs agent: One responsible for collecting the taxes on all imports and exports.

Magistrate: A judge

Man-at-arms: A guardsman

Page: Servant to a noble

Pardoner: A friar who sells pardons from the church

Provost: A magistrate or keeper of a prison

Provost-Marshal: Military magistrate

Purveyor: An official responsible for obtaining supplies for an army or a noble's retinue

Reeve: The headman of a village

Regent: The ruler until a prince reaches the age of majority

Sergeant: The commander of a unit of men, such as a guard

Sheriff: The king's representative for a given area

Slaughter-man: Official who enforces the regulations on butchers in a town

Steward: Custodian of an appointed duty, such as a household

Tax collector: One who collects taxes

Tronager: Supervisor of the scales at a town's port

Umpire: An official who arbitrates disputes between neighbors

Warden: The keeper of a noble's woodlands and parks

Wardman: A sergeant or watchman

Watchman: A guard

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