Darkness and Ice

The movement adjustments given for both darkness and ice assume reasonable safety for the characters. At these speeds characters will have no more than normal chances of slipping or falling. However, characters can move at faster than safe speeds under these conditions.

If characters choose to move more quickly (up to their normal movement rate), they must roll a Dexterity check each round. If the check is passed, nothing happens. If the check is failed, the character has tripped over some unseen obstacle or sprawled out from an unexpected slide.

In perfect darkness the character can't be certain that he is walking in the right direction unless he has spells or other assistance. Assuming the character is on his own, the DM can choose what happens or he can determine randomly by rolling 1d12. On a 1-4 the character maintains the desired course. On a 5-8 he veers to the right and on a 9-12 he goes to the left. The consequences of such course changes depends entirely on the DM and his map.

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