Weather and Ship Travel

More than other methods of travel, ships (especially sailing ships) are subject to the whims of wind and weather. While it can be assumed that sailing weather is normally good, there are times when storms, favorable winds, or freak currents can increase or decrease a ship's speed. The effects of different weather conditions are listed on Table 78 .

Weather conditions are generally fairly consistent within a single day. (This is an obvious simplification to keep the game moving.) The exact conditions for a given day can be chosen by the DM (perhaps by using the weather outside) or it can be determined randomly. To do the latter, roll 2d6 and find the result on
Table 79 .

Adverse winds are determined by rolling 1d6. On a 5 or 6, the winds are unfavorable. When adverse winds are storm strength or greater, the ship will be blown off-course by at least half its movement under those conditions, regardless of whether it is a sailing ship or galley.

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