Other Magical Diseases

Lycanthropy is not the only type of weird and magical affliction that can strike a character. Filthy rats can carry disease. Mummies possess the dangerous rotting touch. In each case there are effects set out in the description in the Monstrous Compendium. However, it is important for the DM to distinguish between normal and magical diseases.

A normal disease is one that no matter how exotic or fantastic is caused and transmitted in ways we normally understand--germs, mosquitoes, rabid rats, etc. To that end, the disease would be treatable by normal methods in the real world.

A magical disease, like rotting touch, is one that functions by some unexplained magical property. As such it is not curable by normal means.

The DM should understand the distinction between the two types of diseases. With that knowledge, he can rule on the effects of various cures and potions.

(See also
Mummy, Monstrous Compendium)

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