The Inner Planes

Using the sphere analogy, outside of the Primes and the Ethereal planes are the inner planes, the primary building forces of the multiverse. The inner planes consist of the elemental, para-elemental, and quasi-elemental planes, and the planes of energy. The elemental planes are the building blocks of matter--Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Where the elemental planes touch each other there arise the para-elemental planes--Smoke, Ice, Ooze, and Magma. The Energy planes are the Positive Energy plane (also called the Plane of Life) and the Negative Energy plane (the source of entropy). The quasi-elemental planes exist where the elemental planes touch the Energy planes--Lightning, Steam, Minerals, and Radiance around the Positive Energy plane, and Salt, Vacuum, Ash, and Dust around the Negative Energy plane. Many of the planes have their own creatures and rulers who are sometimes summoned to one of the primes through spells or magical items.

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