The Outer Planes

Finally, outside all else are the Outer Planes, also called the Planes of Power. There are 17 known Outer Planes--there may be more. These planes can be reached only by powerful spells or by crossing the Astral plane.

Each outer plane is unique. Some seem quite similar to the primes; others have terrain and physical laws wildly different from that to which the characters may be accustomed. Magic functions differently on each plane as do many other common assumptions of reality.

Powerful beings (self-proclaimed gods, goddesses, and demi-gods) inhabit these planes along with a full range of other life forms. The outer planes are the final resting place of the spirits of intelligent life forms of the Prime Material planes.

The known outer planes have been named by humans. Some of these names are:



Mount Celestia








The Abyss


Gray Waste




The Outlands

These names are not necessarily consistent from world to world or Prime Material Plane to Prime Material Plane. Indeed, since the planes are without dimension and form, it is possible for different lands in the same campaign world to have entirely different pictures of planar structure and order.

For example, an oriental-type world might see the Outer Planes not as a series of separate regions, but as a single mass throughout which are scattered different agencies of the Celestial Bureaucracy. The Celestial Emperor might reside on one plane, while his Minister of State operated from another.

A Nordic land would see the plane of Ysgard as dominant over all others, in accordance with the importance they ascribe the powers there. These things are left to your discretion, as the DM. The planes can be molded to meet the needs of your campaign.

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