When gems are found, determine the value of each gem (or each group of gems if there are many present) on
Table 85 . This table lists the base value for each gem and the general class of each stone for purposes of description. Uncut stones, if found, have their base value reduced to 10% of the amount listed.

In addition, there is a 10% chance that any given stone will be above or below its normal value. (Assume 10% of the stones present in a large horde are automatically unusual.) These gems can be modified according to
Table 86 .

Although you can choose to describe gems solely by their values ("You found a 50 gp gem"), more flavor is gained by described stones by name and color. The lists below present stones of different categories and their descriptions.

Ornamental Stones

Azurite: Opaque, mottled deep blue

Banded Agate: Brown, blue, red, and white stripes

Blue Quartz: Transparent pale blue

Eye Agate: Gray, white, brown, blue, and green circles

Hematite: Gray-black

Lapis Lazuli: Light or dark blue with yellow flecks

Malachite: Striated light and dark green

Moss Agate: Pink, yellow-white with gray-green moss-like markings

Obsidian: Jet black

Rhodochrosite: Light pink

Tiger Eye Agate: Rich golden brown with dark striping

Turquoise: Aqua with darker mottling

Semi-Precious Stones

Bloodstone: Dark gray with red flecks

Carnelian: Orange to red-brown

Chalcedony: White

Chrysoprase: Translucent apple to emerald green

Citrine: Pale yellow brown

Jasper: Blue, black to brown

Moonstone: White with pale blue hue

Onyx: Black, white, or bands of both

Rock Crystal: Clear, transparent

Sardonyx: Bands of red and white

Smoky Quartz: light gray, yellow, brown or blue

Star Rose Quartz: Smoky rose with white star center

Zircon: Clear pale aqua

Fancy to Precious

Amber: Transparent golden (100 gp)

Alexandrite: Dark green (100 gp)

Amethyst: Purple crystal (100 gp)

Aquamarine: pale blue green (500 gp)

Chrysoberyl: green or yellow green (100 gp)

Coral: Pink to crimson (100 gp)

Garnet: Deep red to violet crystal (100-500 gp)

Jade: Light to dark green or white (100 gp)

Jet: Deep black (100 gp)

Pearl: Pure white, rose, to black (100-500 gp)

Peridot: Olive green (500 gp)

Spinel: Red, red-brown, green, or deep blue (100-500 gp)

Topaz: Golden yellow (500 gp)

Tourmaline: Pale green, blue, brown, or red (100 gp)

Gems and Jewels

Black Opal: Dark green with black mottling and golden flecks (1,000 gp)

Black Sapphire: Rich black with highlights (5,000 gp)

Diamond: Clear blue-white, rich blue, yellow, or pink (5,000 gp)

Emerald: Brilliant green (5,000 gp)

Fire Opal: Fiery red (1,000 gp)

Jacinth: Fiery orange (5,000 gp)

Opal: Pale blue with green and gold mottling (1,000 gp)

Oriental Amethyst: Deep purple (1,000 gp)

Oriental Emerald: Bright green (5,000 gp)

Oriental Topaz: Fiery yellow (1,000 gp)

Ruby: Clear to deep crimson red (5,000 gp)

Sapphire: Clear to medium blue (1,000 gp)

Star Ruby: Translucent ruby with white star highlights (5,000 gp)

Star Sapphire: Translucent blue with white star highlights (5,000 gp)

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