Appendix 2:

Magical Item Tables

Magical Item Tables

When possible, the DM should select the magical items he gives out in his campaign. Sometimes, however, the DM has more pressing game matters on his mind. To determine randomly what magical item has been found, roll on Table 88. This table directs you to one of the specific categories in Tables 89-108.

Items followed by a group name are usable only by characters of that group.

Note: XP Value is the number of experience points a character gets for making an item.

Once the general category is determined, the DM can choose a specific item from the tables below. (Each item on the tables is given a die roll number so that the DM can select items randomly, if he chooses.) Some tables have several subtables. Each subtable has a range of numbers in parentheses at the top. To select the appropriate subtable, check the die listed after the table's title. Roll the listed die and find the result in the number range at the top of one of the subtables. This is the subtable you read to determine which item in the list has been found.

For example, the Potions and Oils table has "(D6)'' after the title. That means you roll a 6-sided die to determine which Subtable (A, B, or C) to read. If you roll a 2, for example, you check subtable A (which has "1-2'' at the top); if you roll a 6, you read subtable C (which has "5-6'' at the top). Roll 1d20 on the appropriate subtable to determine the specific item found. Then turn to the descriptions following the tables to find out what each item does.

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