Table 111:

Potion Compatibility


Explosion. If two or more potions are swallowed together, internal damage is 6d10 hit points. Anyone within a 5-foot radius takes 1d10 points of damage. If the potions are mixed externally (in a beaker, say), all within a 10-foot radius suffer 4d6 points of damage, no saving throw.
Lethal poison* results. Imbiber is dead. If externally mixed, a poison gas cloud of 10-foot diameter results. All within the cloud must roll successful saving throws vs. poison or die.
Mild poison causes nausea and the loss of 1 point each of Strength and Dexterity, no saving throw. One potion is cancelled and the other is at half strength and duration. (Determine randomly which potion is cancelled).
Potions can't be mixed. Both potions are totally destroyed--one cancels the other.
Potions can't be mixed. One potion is cancelled, but the other remains normal (random selection).
Potions can't be mixed. Both potions function at half normal efficacy.
Potions can be mixed** and work normally, unless their effects are contradictory (for example, diminution and growth, which will simply cancel each other).
Compatible result. One potion (randomly selected) has 150% its normal efficacy. The DM can rule that only the duration of the augmented potion is extended.
Discovery. The mixing of the potions creates a special effect--only one of the potions will function, but its effects upon the imbiber are permanent. (Note that some harmful side effects could well result from this, at the DM's discretion.)

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