Magical Spell Failure

If any spell-user acquires a scroll inscribed with a spell of a level too high for him to cast, he can still try to use the spell--the chance of failure, or other bad effect, is 5% per level difference between the character's present level and the level at which the spell could be used.

For example, a 1st-level mage finds a scroll with a wish spell inscribed upon it. The chance of failure is 85%, as wish is a 9th-level spell attained at 18th level: 18-1 = 17; 17x5% = 85%. A percentile die roll of 85 or less indicates failure of some sort, and
Table 112 is consulted. In this case, the spell is 30% likely to fail without effect, while the chance for a reverse or harmful effect is 70%.

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