Cursed Scrolls

Some scrolls bear powerful curses, placed intentionally or as a result of flawed scroll-making. Cursed scrolls take effect the instant they are first read. A cursed scroll can have any effect the DM desires, although a few should be outright deadly. Suggested curses include the following:

Bad luck (-1 on attacks and saving throws).

The character's beard grows 1 inch per minute.

The character is teleported away from the rest of the party.

Random monster appears and attacks.

The character is polymorphed into a mouse.

The character shrinks to half his normal size.

The character is stricken with weakness, halving his Strength score.

The character falls into a deep sleep from which he can't be roused.

The character develops an uncontrollable appetite.

The character must always talk in rhyme (preventing spellcasting).

The character is stricken with cowardice and must make a morale check every time

a monster is encountered.

The character's alignment is changed.

The character suffers 2-6 points of damage.

The character suffers amnesia.

The character feels compelled to give away all his belongings.

The character must save vs. paralyzation or petrification.

In general, the effects of a curse can be negated or reversed by a remove curse. Some cases (such as petrification) may require the use of other spells. Overcoming a curse should be difficult for the player characters, but not impossible.

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