Staves are about 5 feet or 6 feet long and as thick as a young sapling--about an inch and a half at the base, tapering to an inch at the tip, although they can be of nearly equal diameter throughout. Staves are typically fashioned of wood, often carved, usually metal bound, and likely to be gnarly and twisted. They can be unusual or appear to be ordinary.

Staves, like wands and rods, are powered by charges. A staff typically has 1d6+19 charges when found. Again, it is possible for a stave to have fewer charges, although almost none have more than this number. Some staves can be recharged according to the rules for making magical items. Once all the charges are used, the stave is rendered nonmagical and cannot be recharged.

Unless inapplicable or otherwise specified, staves function at the 8th level of magic use. Their spell discharge is that of an 8th-level wizard with respect to range, duration, and area of effect.

Damage is nominally 8d6 with respect to fireballs, lightning bolts, etc.

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