List of Wands

Wand of Conjuration: Grasping this device enables a wizard to recognize any cast or written conjuration/summoning spell (unseen servant, monster summoning, conjure elemental, death spell, invisible stalker, limited wish, symbol, maze, gate, prismatic sphere, wish). The wand also has the following powers, which require expenditure of one charge each:

unseen servant

monster summoning*

* A maximum of six charges may be expended, one per level of the monster summoning, or six monster summoning I, three monster summoning II, two monster summoning II, or any combination totaling six. The wizard must be of a sufficient experience level to cast the appropriate summoning spell.

The wand of conjuration can also conjure up a curtain of blackness--a veil of total black that absorbs all light. The curtain of blackness can cover a maximum area of 600 square feet (60' x 10', 40' x 15', 30' x 20'), but it must stretch from ceiling to floor, wall to wall. The curtain takes two charges to conjure. The veil of total lightlessness can be penetrated only by physical means or magic.

The wand also enables its wielder to construct a prismatic sphere (or wall), one color at a time, red to violet, at a cost of one charge per color.

Each function of the wand has an initiative penalty of +5, and only one function per round is possible. The wand may be recharged.

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