Miscellaneous Magic

As the name implies, this category is a catch-all for many sorts of magical items. Some are powerful, others weak; some are highly desirable, others are deadly to the finder. The number of miscellaneous items is great enough that duplication of items in a campaign can kept to a minimum.

Reveal information about items with care. Initially, describe an item only in the most general of terms: wood, metal, cloth, leather, etc. Allow players to ask questions about the look, feel, and smell of an item. Likewise, do not simply blurt out the properties and powers of an item. Items must be held, or worn, or manipulated before revealing their secrets. Bards, sages, identify spells, and so on may be the best (and easiest) determiners of magical qualities, but experimentation and experience are useful and make for good role-playing.

Items are listed alphabetically. Unless a description specifically restricts item use, or a letter representing a particular class follows a listing, items are usable by any class. Class letters are (C) clerics, (F) fighters, etc., and each listing includes appropriate sub-classes.

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