Categories of Magical Items

Most of the item descriptions below are complete in and of themselves. A few categories of magical items require some general comments, however:

Artifacts and Relics: These are not listed here. They are the DM's province. Advice on the creation and use of artifacts and relics can be found beginning in Chapter 10 .

Books: All magical books, librams, manuals, tomes, etc. appear to be "normal'' works of arcane lore. Each is indistinguishable from all others by visual examination of the outer parts or by detection for magic aura.

A wish spell can identify or classify a magical work. Other spells, notably commune, contact higher planes, limited wish, and true seeing are useless. A wish reveals the general contents of a book, telling what classes or characteristics are most affected (not necessarily benefitted) by the work. A second wish is required to determine the book's exact contents.

After being perused by a character, most magical works vanish forever, but one which is nonbeneficial to the reader may be attached to the character, and he will be unable to rid himself of it. If the work benefits another character alignment, the possessor is geased to conceal and guard it. As DM you should use your judgment and imagination as to exactly how these items will be treated, using the rules in this section as parameters.

Boots: All magical boots expand or shrink to fit the wearer, from halfling to giant size.

Eyes: Mixing eye types is certain to cause immediate insanity for 2d4 turns. Once this time has passed the character can (and should) remove one of the magical lenses!

Ropes: Any magical rope which is broken or severed immediately loses its special properties.

Note that though the miscellaneous magical items are broken into categories on the tables for the purpose of random selection, all items are alphabetized together in the following descriptions.

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